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Back in the Sixties, BBC art department staple Tony Hart, the notorious homosexual-style heterosexual, created a comic strip for Blue Peter entitled "The Adventures Of Paki - The Indian Elephant". Paki’s adventures were often related on the show, though we can’t imagine for a minute why no mention of him was made during the show’s recent 40th anniversary celebations. 

Some years later, Hart created the less racially-sensitive Morph, a three-inch humanoid man formed from modelling clay, whose speech was intelligible gibberish (rumours that Morph’s original name was "Dipesh Patel" have been dismissed by Hart). Following a supporting role in Hart’s kiddie art show Take Hart - which also spawned un-comedy caretaker Mr Bennett (no relation to Mr Benn), who later won a presenting stint on youth quiz show You Should Be So Lucky - Morph got his own series, which introduced us to his extended family.

There was his slightly rougher-hewn cousin, Chas, Foily - literally a "foil woman" - and a number of hard-bristled brushes which behaved in the manner of dogs. Of course, as his name implied, Morph was capable of magical feats of metamorphosis. However, you’d think that Chas would have eventually got wise to Morph’s japes, and not sat on the Morph-coloured chair, with the blinking eyes, which had suddenly appeared out of nowhere for the 100th time. Chas was an idiot.

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1. What was the name of Take Hart’s viewers’ art strand?

2. What was commonly found around Tony Hart’s neck?

3. Which show for deaf kids did Tony Hart first appear on?

4. Which award-winning animation company created Morph?

5. Which of these characters did not appear in Morph?


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