To those who were there at the time, it’s surprising how the once-shocking Punk Rock ethic now seems no more dangerous to today’s youths than David Essex seemed back in 1976. Spitting, swearing, singing songs about the monarchy being a fascist system… such behaviour would no more raise an eyebrow today than Essex would turn down the opportunity to appear on whatever asinine, low-budget tripe passes for The National Lottery Show this week, peddling whichever under-written dirge he’s promoting as his latest single.

Nevertheless, 24 years ago you’re weren’t able to get away with much, and we can probably thank The Sex Pistols for helping to push back the boundaries of decency.

Infamously, on December 1st 1976, less than a week after the release of single Anarchy In The UK, the legendary punk rock outfit appeared on the live, early evening local London magazine show Thames Today, and in doing so propelled themselves to fame and fortune, while simultaneously burying the career of the show’s host Bill GRUNDY.

Intended as a probing interview designed to investigate the blossoming moral abyss which was Punk, the segment degenerated into farce when the allegedly boozed-up GRUNDY goaded the already sweary Pistols – Johnny Rotten, Glenn Matlock, Paul Cook and Steve Jones, joined by an entourage which included Siouxsie Sioux - into ever more hilarious outpourings of half-mumbled profanity.

For no other reason than because it makes us laugh, we want to share with you the full transcript of Bill GRUNDY’s infamous, nation-outraging Sex Pistols interview. Read it aloud with your friends!

(Having introduced the band, GRUNDY sits opposite the Pistols and their giggling entourage, occasionally banging a sheet of notes on his thigh for emphasis.)

GRUNDY: I'm told that that group have received £ 40,000 from a record company. Doesn't that seem, er, slightly opposed to their anti-materialistic way of life?

MATLOCK: No, the more the merrier.

GRUNDY: Really?

(The band and their hangers-on begin waving arms around, and passing cups of coffee back and forth. Matlock is suitably amused)

MATLOCK: Oh yeah.

GRUNDY: Well, tell me more then.

STEVE: We've fucking spent it, ain't we?

GRUNDY: I don't know. Have you?

MATLOCK: Yeah. lt's all gone.

GRUNDY: Really? Good Lord? Now I want to know one thing ...


GRUNDY: Are you serious or are you just making me… trying to make me laugh?

MATLOCK: No, it's gone. Gone.

GRUNDY: Really?


GRUNDY: No, but I mean about what you're doing…

MATLOCK: Oh yeah.

GRUNDY: Are you serious?


GRUNDY: Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and Brahms have all died ...

JOHN: They're all heroes of ours, ain't they?

GRUNDY: Really? What? What are you saying, sir?

JOHN: They're wonderful people.

GRUNDY: Are they?

JOHN: Oh yes! They reaIly turn us on.

GRUNDY: Suppose they turn other people on?

JOHN (mumbling): Well that's just their tough shit.

GRUNDY: It's what?

JOHN: Nothing. A rude word. Next question!

GRUNDY: No, no. What was the rude word?

JOHN: Shit.

GRUNDY: Was it really? God, you frighten me to death.

JOHN: Oh alright, Siegfried…

GRUNDY: What about you girls behind?

MATLOCK: He's like yer dad ain’t he, this geezer. Or your Grandad.

GRUNDY: Are you worried or just enjoying yourself?

SIOUXSIE: Enjoying myself.

GRUNDY: Are you?


GRUNDY: Ah! That's what I thought you were doing.

SIOUXSIE: I've always wanted to meet you.

GRUNDY: Did you really?


GRUNDY: We'll meet afterwards, shall we?

STEVE: You dirty sod. You dirty old man.

GRUNDY: Well keep going, chief. Keep going. Go on, you've got another ten seconds. Say something outrageous.

STEVE: You dirty bastard.

GRUNDY: Go on, again.

STEVE: You dirty fucker!

GRUNDY: What a clever boy.

STEVE: You fucking rotter!

GRUNDY (to the camera): Well that's it for tonight. I'll be seeing you soon. I hope l'll not be seeing you (the band) again. From me though, goodnight.

(Credits roll. Assorted Pistols begin to gyrate in time to the music. Cue a million journalists writing a million articles decrying punk rock and the rocker-goading Grundy.)  


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