It goes without saying that the most anticipated movie prequel-cum-sequel, incorporating a metaphysical philosophy, on the horizon is George Lucas's Star Wars: Episode II. Shooting of the follow-up to The Phantom Menace is due to begin any day at Fox Studios in Australia, but LucasFilm's art department has been hard at work for months developing the look of the new movie - rumoured to centre around the long hinted-at Clone Wars. 

Now, for the first time anywhere on the Internet, Bubblegun can bring you an EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK at Star Wars Episode II. Our spies have been busy infiltrating the production, and one has managed to get his hands on some of the pre-production artwork put together by Doug Chiang's Star Wars art department. Here we present a selection of the sketches, along with a commentary from our ultra-secret man-on-the-inside, whom we shall only refer to as "Dave Ross". 


"This is a concept sketch for the new look of Yoda, the Jedi Master, who is going to be instrumental in the coolest events of Star Wars Episode II. I've heard that Yoda's going to be involved in a big battle scene, and this sketch for an experimental Jedi battle suit designed to be worn by the little Yoda person just proves that this rumoured information is not erroneous!!! I can say no more?!!!!!!!?!! I can't wait to see that little green guy kick butt in the forthcoming Star Wars Episode II!!!!!!"


"Of course there's going to be a new Dark Jedi - or Sith, a wielder of the Dark Side Of The Force - in the forthcoming Star Wars Episode II, and here's a look at the Dark Sith himself - Darth Horris. As you can see from the sketch, LucasFilm's designers have delved into the deepest corners of their warped psyche to create the evil stuff of real bad nightmares. Handwritten notes on the sketch show that Horris uses a 'Super Sabre Of Death' - obviously a new type of lightsabre we have previously not seen ever before at all. Also, he has 'more fingers', and a 'cool space belt', with the word 'space' on it. We can only ponder the meaning of the big letter F on his horrible face!!!!???!!!!"


"I'm told that there'll be a new Jedi Master in Star Wars Episode II, who'll pick up where the late Qui-Gonn Jinn, who was killed by Darth Maul in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, left off. And here he is: Stu Garvey. I've no idea who they've picked to play Stu Garvey (though I'm betting it's someone cool like Christopher Walken or Peter Fonda), but if you look at the design sketch, you can see that they've cheekily made him resemble none other than George Lucas himself!!!!!! Crazy Easter eggs already!!???!!!!!?!!!"


"WOW!!!!! COOL MAN!!!!!! An actual production sketch of the final space battle from Star Wars Episode II!!!!!! This is the Clone Wars in action, folks!!!!! You saw it here first!?!!!!! And look - that's Boba Fett's spaceship in the heat of battle!???!!! Too coooooool!!!!! Someone get me a chill pill!!!!!!?!! F***ck!!?"



"And here's that wicked bounty hunter-cum-Mandalorian warrior himself. As you can see, Boba Fett will look a bit different in the forthcoming Star Wars Episode II to what we know him to look like from later films in the Star Wars chronology, such as Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars Episode VI: The Return Of The Jedi, and to a lesser extent Star Wars Episode V: A New Hope Special Edition in which George just stuck him into a scene using advanced Computer Techniques in order to keep the fans happy. I was happy??!!!!!! I'm guessing that in this sketch old Boba is wearing some kind of high tech battle suit!!!!! Check out those things on his head - I betcha they're energy conductors!!!!?!!"


"I've no idea who Rasky And The Snood are, but a little bird tells me they're new versions of two very familiar characters. Such as? Such as R2-D2 and C3-PO, the loveable droids (robots), of course!?!!!! Apparently, at some point in the movie, the crazy droid duo disguise themselves as a pair of alien comedians - Rasky And The Snood!!!! - in order to break into some kind of base, or perhaps an evil Jedi cloning facility!!!?!!! Way coooooll!!!!!!! 

Keep it under your hat where you got these sketches from, or my job could be on the line, and my head will roll, thus gathering no moss!!?!! This is Super Jedi Padawan Dave Ross, aka 'Cyber Vader', signing out for now!!!!!?! May the Force be with you!!!!!!!??!!!!!"

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