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The X-Files - the Original Scripts:
Duane Barry / Ascension / One Breath

The X-files - the Original Scripts:
The X-files / Deep Throat


At the end of season six of The X-Files - which has just finished its run on Sky One - Mulder has gone mad, Scully has discovered a spaceship, and FBI Assistant Director Skinner had seemingly teamed up with the badguys. Just what is going to happen in the next season? It may be getting a bit "long-in-the-truth", and bogged down in its own stew of continuity, but Chris Carter’s gloomy conspiracy show continues to surprise and shock.

Let’s face it, one bad episode of The X-Files is twice as good as a decent episode of Stargate SG-1, so those people complaining that the series may have lots its way in recent seasons should shut their fat mouths. To mark the traditional summer hiatus until Season Seven gets underway, use your eyes to read Bubblegun’s 20 Things You Genuinely Didn’t Know About The X-Files... There it is below, look:

1. The X-Files is shown in 60 countries worldwide. The pilot episode was first broadcast in the USA on 10th September, 1993, at 8pm on a Friday night. It began with a message informing viewers that the events depicted therein were based upon a true story. Strictly speaking, this was a lie.

2. After its first season, The X-Files was ranked 102 out of 118 shows. By the time its second season had finished, it had moved up to 64th place, and was voted Best TV Show of 1994 by Entertainment Weekly.

3. During its third season, David Duchovney and Gillian Anderson received Golden Globe nominations for best actor and actress respectively. They received nominations again the following year - and won. The X-Files also won a Golden Globe for best drama show. Further awards would follow.

4. The X-Files’ creator Chris Carter was originally a freelance journalist. In 1985 he went to work for Disney, writing several made-for-TV movies, and a number of sit-coms, including The Nanny. Which was awful.

5. David Duchovny originally studied to be a teacher, but had a pipe dream to become a screenwriter. While at Yale University, he studied acting part-time to better understand the process. His big break came when he landed a small role in big-haired 1988 movie comedy Working Girl.

6. Gillian Anderson’s birthday on August 9th is only two days after David Duchovny’s birthday.

7. Gillian Anderson was just 24 when she landed the role of Scully, which required her to play somebody six years her senior.

8. In real life, Anderson’s and Duchovney’s beliefs are reverse: she believes in UFOs, while he is septic (a sceptic).

9. In the original proposals for the series, Scully had a regular boyfriend called "Ethan Minette".

10. In several episodes throughout the series, clocks can be seen reading "11:21". Chris Carter’s wife’s birthday is on the 21st of November.

11. The second season episode Red Museum was originally planned as a cross-network crossover with the CBS show Picket Fences. Though both shows’ production teams were keen on the idea, it was ultimately vetoed by wankered network officials.

12. David Duchovney appeared on a special celebrity edition of the quiz show Jeopardy. He lost when he failed to answer a question about Breakfast At Tiffany’s. During the episode War Of The Cophrages, Scully can be seen reading the Breakfast At Tiffany’s novel. In the next episode, Syzyzgy, Grover Cleveland Alexander High School is another reference to a botched answer from Duchovney.

13. When Duchovney appeared on the Conan O’Brien show, he make a remark that Vancouver - where the first five seasons of The X-Files were filmed - received "400 inches of rain a day". Scully makes a similar remark about the town in the episode Schizogeny, to which Mulder replies "That’s a bit of an exaggeration, don’t you think?". He so funneee.

14. There is a third season episode entitled Piper Maru. Gillian Anderson’s daughter is called Piper Maru. Piper appeared briefly in a later episode peering from a bus window as it sped past Assistant Director Skinner.

15. William B. Davis, who plays arch-villain The Cigarette Smoking Man, is one of Canada’s top water-skiers among his age bracket. In the episode Talitha Cumi, the CSM remarks on his own proficiency as a water-skier.

16. The fifth season episode Chinga was written by horrow maestro Stephen King. It’s set in King’s home town of Maine - also the setting of many of his novels. Evidently, King has never been anywhere else.

17. After Anderson and Duchovney appeared in The Simpsons, The X-Files repayed the compliment with the opening episode of the sixth season, which featured a sleeping nuclear power plant worker named "Homer".

18. Gillian Anderson also lent her voice the the computer-generated kids’ show ReBoot, in which she played "Data Scully". Her assistant was named "Fax Modem".

19. Chris Carter had a childhood friend called "Fox". His mother’s maiden name is "Mulder".

20. Scully’s name is a tribute to Carter’s baseball hero Vin Scully.

21. Carter and Mulder share a birthday: the 13th of October.

22. Ten Thirteen is also the name of Chris Carter’s production company.

23. The Ten Thirteen title card at the end of each episode is accompanied by the voice of Nathan Couturier saying the words "I made this", Nathan Couturier is the son of the show’s supervising sound editor, Thierry Couturier.

24. In the Barenaked Ladies song One Week, there is a line which reads "Watching X-Files with no lights on/We’re dans la maison/I hope the Smoking Man’s in this one."

25. Welsh popsters Catatonia also released a single with an X-Files reference. Entitled Mulder And Scully, the chorus of the song went: "Theengs are getting stray-enge/I’m star-ting to worr-eee/This could beee a ca-ayse for Muld-eeerrr and Scalleeee."

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While compiling this feature, we were given a copy of the entire script for the first episode of the new X-Files season. While we wouldn’t want to give away too much, we’re happy to present here an "X-clusive X-tract". As you will see, fans are in for a few surprises when the show hits the air later this year...


MULDER paces the floor of the bare, metal room. A door opens in a far wall, filling the room with a bright light. SCULLY is wheeled in on a medical gurney. She is semi-concious.


Scully? Scully, are you OK?


They did things to me, Mulder.


What kind of things?


Terrible things...


You want to be specific here? I mean...

He sniggers.

Did they use anal probes?




Y’know - did they probe your anus?

Mulder giggles.




Your. A. Nus. Anus. Anal probes.


I don’t think so... I don’t remember.


You will tell me if you do remember, won’t you?




I... well... y’know. Heh.


I don't have time for this. I need to rest.


Ok. Sure.


So very... tired...

Scully closes her eyes for a moment, and appears to drift into sleep.


Does your anus feel bruised in any way?


(snapping awake)

I don’t want to talk about my anus right now.


I respect that, but does it feel bruised? Does it feel like it might have been probed?


What is it with you? Why do you care if my anus has been probed or not?


No reason. Just making conversation...


Talk about something else.


‘Cause, well, it’s just, I know what it feels like to be anally probed.


Oh? How so?


I went to an all-boys boarding school. There was this one kid we used to call Brownfinger, who would...



I’m not interested, Mulder!


...Who would come up behind you in the shower, and say "Hey - I just dropped my soap between your legs.  Would you be so kind as to bend down and pick it up for me?". And then he’d...



Mulder is silenced. There is no sound in the room for some time, save for the distant hum of the spacecraft’s engines. Eventually...






I just dropped my soap between your legs, Scully.
Would you be so kind as to bend down and pick it up for me?


This better not be some kind of trick, Mulder...

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