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As has been widely reported throughout the media over the last few weeks, it’s almost certain that David Duchovny will not sign on for another season of The X-Files. Aside from the fact that the show is unlikely to prosper without him, creator/producer Chris Carter, and Gillian Anderson have also gone on record in the last week to express their doubts about continuing with the show. Suffice to say, this leaves X-Files fans around the world feeling distraught and helpless at the thought of being left to drift without the rudder which steers them through life.

Bubblegun says this: All is not lost! The X-Files can thrive and prosper, its format flexible enough to be bent in any one of several directions. Observe now, as we present Bubblegun’s proposals for four potential X-Files spin-offs. Rest assured, we shall be forwarding these excellent ideas to the programme makers at 20th Century Fox...


Follows the adventures of The Lone Gunmen, the three geek conspiracy theorists who Mulder has often turned to for help. They run a paranoid newspaper entitled The Magic Bullet, and their investigations would provide an excellent basis for an ongoing series. Already The Lone Gunmen have had two standalone X-Files episodes to themselves, proving their characters strong enough to support a show of their own. We suggest a story arc with the Gunmen investigating the mysterious disappearances of Mulder and Scully - who could themselves be found just in time for the second X-Files movie.


Upon moving to a cramped downtown apartment in New York, the enigmatic Alex Krychek, right-hand, one-armed henchman for a race of would-be alien invaders, encounters a bizarre assortment of characters - with hilarious consequences! The half-hour feel-good situation comedy show would concern itself with Krychek and his associates; Brian the half-human government lackey who lives in the apartment down the hall, “Fox” the paranoid conspiracy theorist from the apartment across the hall who wants to know just what Alex “is up to in there”, Mr Well-Manicured-Man - Krychek’s straight-laced employer, and Maria - Krychek’s scatterbrained would-be girlfriend with crazy plans for saving the world from alien domination. Each show would be book-ended by a monologue from Alex, as he muses on life’s many quirks.


A hilarious animated series, in which the Assistant Director Skinner, sick of the killing and the double-talk, leaves his post in the FBI for a new job - as principal of Springfield Elementary School! Skinner is forced to move back home to live with his mother, but he hadn’t reckoned on a certain little boy called Bart Simpson! The barrel-chested miserablist works hard at his job, but a combination of Bart’s misbehaviour, and his own incompetence, gets him into regular trouble with Superintendent Chalmers - with hilarious consequences! “Skiiinerrrrr!!!”


Having left the global organisation bent on dominating the world with its plans to pervert the human genome with an alien DNA virus, the mysterious Cancerman buys himself a scrapyard where he can earn a bit of dough while he writes the great American novel. When his good-for-nothing son, Agent Spender (Jimmy Nail), comes a-knocking, Cancerman feels obliged to give him a bed, but only on the condition that he help out in the scrapyard - with hilarious consequences! Spender’s love of loud rock music and partying on down is a constant source of interruption for his stressed father. In the first episode, Cancerman hires a hitman to shoot his son in the back of the head - with further hilarious consequences etc...

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