David Icke
"Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held its ground."


"They" say that if you look hard enough you will find the truth, and we think we might just have found it. The only problem is we don't know if you are ready to hear the truth. 

If you live in the UK you might just remember the ex-soccer player, ex-sport's presenter, ex-green party representative and second Messiah, David Ike. If you do you may very well have wondered "what ever happened to that stupid mad idiot?"   Having been laughed out of Britain, God (as he likes to be called by his friend) has found fame and fortune in the United States. This is less surprising when you consider that he’s convinced a significant percentage of the US population that the USA is run by alien reptiles, and that they in turn are controlled by the Devil himself. Heck, it’s no more outlandish than Bill Clinton being president…

David "The most controversial author and speaker in the world" Icke tells us everything we need to know about the British Royal family, who themselves are really evil reptiles that spend all their time holding parties in Buckingham Palace for the worlds leaders, where they sacrifice children and drink their blood to keep their human form. He also assures us that United States government controls our thoughts through a chip in your PC, and that the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons is a tool of Satan that has led to countless murders. Oh, and he’s also got some theory about billionaire Laurence Rockefeller being an alien and preparing the world for invasion.

David Icke's website is a massive source of entertainment... sorry, “information”. It’s an amazingly vast library of Mr. Ickes’ writings and conspiracy theories, and should keep you happy for hours. Or maybe even change your life. 

Mad, bad, or just prepared to go where others fear to tread? No. He’s just mad. And we also blame him for the time we got mugged in Amsterdam within four hours of our plane touching down. He was a fellow passenger, see. Turquoise-obsessed loon put curse on us.


Here Dave tells us all about the reptilian connection, and how the royal family regularly hold human sacrifices at Buckingham palace. This as good a place as any to start.
Read more: http://www.davidicke.com/icke/temp/reptconn.html   


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